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What are you adding to your plate?

NO, this is not another New Years’ post about diet and health, although it is about what you CONSUME!

My inbox and social media feed has been bursting at the seem with goal setting, vision planning, and “the year that was” reviewing. Pick your focus, whether diet, fitness, motivation, or business, you name it and there’s a course, workshop or webinar that has it covered.

Timing is perfect.

From a marketing perspective, it’s a great strategy.

When acquiring more knowledge can throw us off course…

However, from a personal viewpoint, it requires discernment and mindfulness to prevent facing an overloaded schedule before you’ve even had a chance to set your own plans for the month into action.

Don’t get me wrong, I am all for reviewing the year that’s been, creating a vision, and setting goals for the year to come. In fact, I have enjoyed completing these activities for myself and my business. I’m thankful for having put the lessons of last year into perspective and I’m excited to create momentum towards my vision for this year.

Having set my vision and planned my goals I know that in order to achieve them I need to be mindful of distractions and anything that pulls my attention away from taking action and using my time effectively.

Keeping the main thing the main thing…

For instance, an online course that helps build your belief and shift your mindset can help fuel your goals. A Bootcamp to get you taking action with training and accountability can also move you closer to your goals. However, there is any number of one hour or more, webinars and workshops on worthy topics that can quickly creep into your schedule and draw you away from the activities that matter.

We consume information all day long, from any number of sources. However, we need to be mindful to ensure we keep our focus on the main thing and not get distracted or delayed by “worthy” ventures along the way.

In other words, although any food can fill you up, only whole foods will provide the nutrients for health. Similarly, all information can build our knowledge banks, only information specific to our goals will propel us closer to successfully achieving them.

As we head into the New Year, Watch What You Add To Your Plate!

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