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When life gets in the way…

Twelve months ago I set out to share the then recent journey I had walked through breakdown and depression. Then life got in the way as I started a long held dream of going to University. Now 12 months later I hope to balance Uni and work, family and writing. The silly thing is most of the articles are already written so I will endeavor to post them and then continue with new thoughts, experiences and life lessons as I continue to journey through this life God has called me to.

There is much to reflect on over the last few years, God has brought about amazing changes which I felt helpless to do myself. He has given me a fresh start and helped me to find myself in ways that I had long forgotten. To continue would be jumping ahead so I will hold onto these thoughts for now and share them a little later, but for now…

My family is growing up, I am so proud of who they are becoming and what they have learnt, however at times I wish I could shelter them from the hard lessons of life. I know that it is those lessons that shape character, build resilience and are the foundations of faith; they provide the opportunity to connect with the creator of their souls and grow into their pre-destined purpose.

Nevertheless it is hard to stand on the sidelines and cheer them on when all my mother heart wants to do is rush in and protect them, rescue them, and somehow make it all better. As hard as it is though, I know that to rescue would only delay or hinder the growth of their character. So I pray. I pray knowing God will never let them go. I pray knowing God has plans for their future, plans for life in abundance. I pray that despite whatever circumstances life throws at them, they will not fall and the foundations of their faith will hold them fast.

Find Yourself (Brad Paisley)

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