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When We Ignore Intuition over Google!

Driving into the ocean

I heard a story the other day of how people drove their cars into rivers or even oceans because they were following the instructions of their Navman or Google Maps! Seriously, check out the story here...

You scratch your head and wonder what they were thinking or were they really paying attention!

But, yesterday, I had an experience which reminds me of these stories.

I was using my Google Maps to go somewhere I hadn’t been before. The area was vaguely familiar and the street name of my destination rang bells in my head but I couldn’t pin point where. Driving along, blindly following Googles directions, I noticed the street name I needed but Google said to keep going. I was in two minds, do I turn anyway or do I faithfully follow Googles direction and trust it knows where I want to go because I told it so?

Well, I took Option B and blindly followed the directions although once it said, “you have arrived”, it became clearly obvious that I hadn’t. The right way was indeed Option A.

My intuition had kicked in but in the moment of decision, I relinquished my choice to a virtual guide who was leading me down the wrong road, literally.

Do you do that?

Not necessarily with a Navman or Google Maps, but in your day to day life, do you sense the need to call someone or pursue an interest but then dismiss it due to any number of reasons?

Does hindsight teach you the ‘sense’ was right and it ought to have been headed?

In this fast paced life, full of planners and automated guides giving us instruction we lose the connection with our intuition and outsource this amazing resource to anything or anyone that promises the solutions outside of ourselves.

Nothing beats our intuition for connection with our heart, soul, purpose, passion, and day to day guidance. Our intuition is uniquely that, OUR INTUITION!

No one or no thing has greater insight than ourselves when it comes to our own lives, and when we learn to tune our ears once again to our own insight we actually become lighter, more purposeful, and more resilient.

The next time that urge, that insight, prompts you take some time to pay it some attention. Who knows it might save you from driving into the ocean!

Love and Blessings


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