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Coming Home to YOU

Where do you run?

Independence and perseverance are noble qualities of our human nature, we strive to do things on our own or forge ahead for success under the steam of our own sail. When things get tough and the waves turn rough we set our feet firm and dig deep our resolve to plough on regardless.

Yet our greatest allies can also be our greatest undoing

Strength and independence can keep us aloof from the very things we truly need; relationship and community, a strong sense of knowing someone and being known.

There is a famous saying about being someone to everyone and no-one to someone. We can easily have casual contact with many many people but somehow we manage to keep them all away from getting too close, so we don’t really end up knowing anyone or more importantly them knowing us.

Our undoing comes when situations test us to our limit, for we all have a point where our own ability is exceeded. It is at this point we run somewhere, to someone or something.

Where do you run?

We can hide under the weight or seek counsel with others operating under their own steam or even turn to alcohol, casual relationships or drugs to numb the confusion.

However where we run to is what determines our journey from this point on, for “in wise counsel comes peace.” It is not that we have problems that exceed our ability which should worry us, for out of struggle comes growth of character and we can all use greater qualities in our character.

Our concern should rest in do we have a safe place to run, one we know will bring comfort and strength for the road we are on, one which will provide guidance and wisdom beyond our understanding for the decisions we need to make.

There is but one place where all this and more is possible. We were never meant to live life under our own counsel and ability. We were made to live in relationship with our God where He supplies all we need and provides a place of comfort, rest and wisdom.

When we run to Him it is not in weakness but strength in knowing we are home and a solution is at hand. It takes the burden off us having to find the answers, whether strength, ability or knowledge and lets us continue the journey knowing God has the ability to do all things for those who love him.

Do you know the freedom of running to God? 

(29 August 2010)

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