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From the darkest of days…WhenyouareinDARKNESSofHOPELESSNESS

Where do you go to escape from yourself when wherever you go there you are?

Where do you go to escape the feelings that threaten to overwhelm you and the thoughts that consume you, even the behaviors that you try desperately to move away from?

How do you get out of the funnel before it sucks you under, where does the help come from when there is nothing left?

Being willing to surrender everything to start a new life, my job, my family, my need to be in control, yet instead of the joy of embracing a new future I am left with dreams torn away and questions as to where do I turn now, where do I go from here?

Sometimes we are our worst enemy!

We judge ourselves, convict ourselves, and punish ourselves far greater than any other would, yet where do we go to escape that critical voice that haunts our every move and thought?

In the busyness of life we can somehow drown it out to a dull whisper, but in the stillness when we seek refuge it shouts loud and strong.

If it were any other person we would walk away, we would instill a boundary of separation to save ourselves the abuse, yet when we are at war with ourselves where is that boundary, how do we escape our own inner turmoil?

When you finally realize your need to be in control is holding back the very thing you crave, yet it’s too late… The dreams you dare to dream and the future you dare to see as a reality… Gone… Once again alone … Where is hope… Why is it so very hard?

I Surrender…

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