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Close your eyes and open your heart, listen to the wonder of our world!


Walking through nearby parkland I am overwhelmed with the beauty that surrounds me. Unfortunately many come here and catch only glimpses of the world around them, myself included. To be able to see so much more it is important to open the eyes of your heart and look with expectation and thanksgiving.

I’ve walked here before and only seen bushland and maybe some birdlife, but today there is so much more…

There is bushland but the diversity of trees is amazing, young and old grow side by side, branches stretching towards the sun. Smooth trunks and rough bark-laden trunks, dead and vibrant mix together to paint a landscape much similar to our human lives. Young and old, side by side, journeying the same yet different paths. The same human journey of life but the very different roads we choose to travel.

Returning to the park there are tall, stately trees, and small brush-like shrubs. The ground is littered with debris, dried up leaves and fallen branches, gumnuts and flowers past their blooming. All blended together to add richness and stability as well as nutrients to the soil which returns once again to the trees and plants around about.

There is a deep beauty here. Today the sun is bright and warm, sinking its warmth beyond the surface of my skin to warm my heart. The breeze is light, refreshing without taking away the comfort of warmth the sun shares.

The sky is a brilliant blue and with hardly a cloud in sight, a beautiful autumn day. As I walk along the path I am taken by the pretty song of some small harmonious birds flitting amongst the trees, chasing one another without a care. There is a chorus of bird song, little chirps to the deep call of the black crow and even the laughter of the kookaburra. Harmony in nature, to lift us out of the routine and into a world of majesty, blessing and joy.

I’m sure there is much I didn’t see, the ants busy burrowing their holes and lizards running through the decaying leaves, not to mention beetles and crickets and other such imaginable creatures.

The path I walk is inviting, inviting me to enjoy the beauty and wonder that surrounds me. It’s an invitation to look beyond the superficial and to find rest, for the birds are strong and joyous just ‘being’, and so we are/I am invited to embrace the same.

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