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Coming Home to YOU

You are the ocean my child!

See the radiant colour, the shades of light and dark. See how they glisten in the sun, pure and breathe taking. See how far the ocean spreads; know it is endless just as your life in me extends to eternity. Even the hidden reef brings beauty. The sudden change in flow, stirring the tide and creating waves upon the horizon. White foam upon a sea of blue and green, a natural outflow of the currents beneath. See the waves as they gracefully embrace the shore, stretching out and touching the land before them. They do not resist the force that gives them life, they move with the tide whether that be gentle or strong.

You are all those things my child, you are the colour of the ocean, the vastness of the horizon. You are the rhythm and grace of the waves upon the shore.

Let go my child and do not resist the natural flow of my life through you, the highs and the lows, the joys and the tears.

Take my hand and walk with me, I am always here, I will never leave you and when you are weary I will carry you.

Feel the warmth of the sun and the coolness of the breeze, they too are you. Your warm heart touches all those who know you and your joy and laughter brings refreshing.

See the boundaries I place upon the waves? You too have natural boundaries which flow out of your heart and soul, trust them. It’s the walls man builds to tame the ocean that hinder you. The walls you build through pain and sorrow, tear them down for you do not need them, you are free my child.

You don’t need to watch the pain of my crucifixion to know how much I love you. It is in your heart and my mantle of grace is upon you. I have set you free and my spirit has made you whole. You are mine.

But how do I let it all go Lord?

Leave it here sweet angel, like the grains of sand on the beach brush them off and leave them behind. I will carry them far away on the wind. But you must set your mind on me and trust that what I say I will do I will do. When the thoughts try to lay hold you must turn from them and know you are washed clean and they are no longer yours to carry.

Do you trust me my child?

I made you strong and courageous that you may have a great faith, not that you would carry all these weights. My burden is easy my love and my yoke is light. Cast it all off to me; the determined strength, the need to do it all, the control and the fear, the anger at all the things that have hurt you and let you down. The lost dreams, the guilt and the sense of being alone and unloveable. Cast them all aside, today, now, as you walk let the sand fall through your fingers and rides on the wind never to return.

Take my hand and I will lead you to joy and peace and fill you with the grace and power of my Spirit to do my will. Take my hand and walk with me, dance with me and live as I made you to live, I will hold you and fill your heart to overflowing with love.

Come Holy Spirit, come.

My darling child, it is time to come out of the shadows and take your place, leaving all fear and doubt behind. It is time, hear my voice and grasp the confidence I will give you with both hands. You weren’t made for the shadows my angel, you were made to shine. Now shine in all your splendor and beauty.

And so I walk along the shore, the gentle waves caressing my feet and washing them clean, I pick up handfuls of sand and let the grains blow through my fingers. With each grain I name it and let it go; fear, anger, sorrow, grief, control, responsibility, perfection, imperfection, denial, defensiveness, walls and barriers of protection and more…

As the wind and the waves carry them away I pick up more and more, feeling the weight lessen with each handful.

The waves at my feet are soothing and cool, refreshing not just my body but also my soul. Like the blessing of our salvation, being washed clean and filled with His Spirit, an inner strength to keep going and walk in the sunlight of His grace.

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