Free yourself from your thoughts and talk it out, and I’ll listen. This is your time to be heard, to connect and to share what you think and feel.

  1. 30 minutes of expressing yourself without filter for FREE
  2. Gain clarity about where you are now
  3. Talk about the next steps for your self-belief and joy


After gaining clarity we’ll move to in-powering yourself in 90 minutes.

  • Identifying your blocks to move forward
  • Mapping the plan to connecting with yourself
  • In-powered to reawaken belief and joy


31 Days Self Love Journal

This 31 days journal to self love is designed to help you develop the most relationship and connection with the most important person in your life – the one you have with yourself.

With this journal, you learn to:

  • Set healthy boundaries + keep a positive circle of friends
  • Grow a positive, can-do mindset by celebrating small wins everyday
  • Have the strength to face their areas of growth + take small steps to improve their lives


      3Cs Self Connection Bundle

      This workbook is an in-depth look at the 3Cs of Self-Connection. It will help you discover, nurture and improve yourself at the same time. You can create a deeper self-connection through self-compassion, confidence and care.

      With this workbook, you’ll get the following gems:

      • Journal for self-reflection
      • Q&A to help you discover yourself better
      • Daily Challenge Calendar
      • Affirmations

      All of these can be completed in less than 10 minute a day!

      Not just that but you can also get the:

      •  Daily Planner Template – Which includes space for gratitude and journaling
      •  Self-care Check-in Sheet
      •  Meditation Audio

      Thank you so much Elke. You’re one of those rare people that will enrich everyone you work with. I felt safe, respected and supported and you reiterated what I said, acknowledged how I’m feeling and my achievements and were so genuine.

      Bridget M.

      Elke is very inspiring, helpful, understanding and amazing at helping me unlock things I didn’t know were still there. Your support is amazing helping to form and understand things and that we are all different. You celebrated the small steps and encouraged to make more smaller steps. You are like my own personal cheerleader.


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