coming back home to you


Dear Self, you do the best that you can and your best is more than enough.


Dear Self, your voice matters so speak what your heart longs to say.


Dear Self, you too deserve all the care which you have been pouring for others.

Finding your way back home to who you truly are by connecting to Self.


Hello Beautiful, I´m Elke!

I am a mother of five (yes, you read that right), and a Nana of six, a wife, a sister, a friend and each day I am learning how to stay fully connected to self so I can live my authentic truth with passion and joy, and I am passionate about helping you do the same in all seasons of life.

I haven’t always lived this way, in fact in all honesty I have probably lived most of my life disconnected from myself and in hiding from my truth. It took a mental breakdown and a few other life lessons for me to finally learn how important Self Connection is especially to us women.

And now my purpose is to in-power women in transition on how to connect with their inner self so they can live their truth with passion and joy.

What is the Enneagram?

The Enneagram is a powerful tool for personal growth and transformation. It invites us to explore our motivations, release limiting beliefs, and cultivate self-compassion. It promotes empathy and understanding towards others, fostering better relationships and communication. By understanding our Enneagram type, we gain insight into our core fears and desires, our strengths, and our blind spots. This knowledge can help us break free from automatic, unconscious reactions and develop healthier ways of being.


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Thank you so much Elke. You’re one of those rare people that will enrich everyone you work with. I felt safe, respected and supported and you reiterated what I said, acknowledged how I’m feeling and my achievements and were so genuine.

Bridget M.

Elke is very inspiring, helpful, understanding and amazing at helping me unlock things I didn’t know were still there. Your support is amazing helping to form and understand things and that we are all different. You celebrated the small steps and encouraged to make more smaller steps. You are like my own personal cheerleader.


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