Disconnection – The Enemy of Our Soul

Disconnection – The Enemy of Our Soul

You feel it in your spirit, even without knowing what it is or where it came from.

It throws you out of balance, stealing your peace, zapping your energy, and suppresses your joy. You resort to survival mode, going through the motions each day doing your best to keep all the balls in the air rather than being truly present in your life.

Have you felt that feeling, do you know what I mean?

Whether it’s the feeling of carrying a heavy weight, a fear of stopping or slowing down, a dark cloud that never seems to lift, a sadness you can’t quite explain, or simply an inner knowing that something isn’t quite right even though you can’t put your finger on it.

These are some of the signs of disconnection, disconnection from others and most importantly disconnection from ourselves.

You may find yourself turning to your default coping strategies which can include:

  • Isolation and withdrawal – the enemy of our soul, when a predator is looking for its prey it looks for the one outside the pack, the one lagging behind or who wandered off. They know the one on their own is more vulnerable and so our response of withdrawal from others and isolation is the enemy of our soul. On our own we entertain our own thoughts way too much; there is security and help found in connection with others.
  • Over commitment – have you ever found yourself taking on too much when you know you are already stretched, stressed, or tired? We take on more because it keeps us further away from stillness, the very thing we need yet the thing we fear the most.
  • Numbing through food, drink, Netflix etc. anything to keep us distracted from facing our own thoughts, actions, and inner truth.

We look for answers outside of ourselves, believing others hold the key when the key is in our grasp all along.

Lean in…

We look to others for confirmation we are not enough, we are flawed or we are the problem, when we are none of those things.

Lean in…

We avoid leaning in, going within, too scared of what we’ll find when all along it is where we find refuge, peace, and grace. It’s where insight, understanding and answers lie.

It is only when we lean in, courageously pause, and become curious with how we are feeling and what we are thinking that we can reconnect. Leaning in can be scary, I know I often felt afraid of what stopping would look like as if I was trying to outrun a ferocious lion and if I stopped it was certain to eat me.

Have you ever felt like that?

Have you ever felt you can’t allow yourself to slow down or pause because it will cause an avalanche of emotion or fatigue?

I know I have.

One thing my journey has taught me is that whenever I feel out of balance or disconnected the solution only comes when I lean in, when I pause, when I face the fear of what might be and become open and curious.

Leaning in is the only way to access the key I hold within me, the only way to listen to my truth so I can move through all the thoughts and feelings and tap into my inner wisdom.

This journey is hard however the journey of disconnection is so much harder. I see you, I hear you and I am here for you.