How to Practice Self Compassion Through Healing Journey

How to Practice Self Compassion Through Healing Journey

Like any journey it’s easy to think that healing and personal growth is a straight line, either a slow and slight or fast and steep learning curve, in reality it is far different.

Our journey of growth is more like an onion with many layers, a roller coaster track with ups and downs, sideways turns and loops in all directions. It can feel like 3 steps forward and 2 steps back, with many stops and starts, summits and valleys.

The thing with healing and personal growth is that I don’t think we ever truly arrive, we are constantly learning, uncovering new perspectives as we continue to dive deeper into understanding, trusting, and loving ourselves.

Yes, healing is possible, just because there are layers doesn’t mean we are never “healed” or “whole”, for we are never broken in need of repair only hurting and in need of love and compassion. 

Like the onion we can heal one aspect of our journey, our experience, our hurt. As we move forward in this new freedom we will come to another layer and be invited to dig deeper and so receive healing for the next layer and so on. 

What I think is most beautiful about our healing journey, or our journey of self-discovery, is that it is a gentle process. Rarely do we go from the outside to the core in one moment. Each layer has an invitation of discovery, and a gift of love and understanding to be revealed. If we were to rip off all the layers and only look at the core, we would miss the gifts along the way.

I know it can feel frustrating at times when you hit a valley and think, “I’ve faced this before; I’ve done the work in this area!” Yet when we can accept, without judgement, that there may be more lessons to learn, more understanding to gain, and more love to invite in, we come to a deeper place of healing.

As I continue on my life’s journey, as I dig deeper to be able to share with you, I find there are layers that I still need to befriend. So many times I have felt that I have faced that issue, I’ve healed that hurt or let “that” go. Yet still some things trigger me, some things cause me to doubt and question my worth.

What I’m beginning to realize is that I am on this journey just the same as you, together we are healing ourselves, learning to trust ourselves, reconnecting with our hearts once again. What can feel like a lonely journey is better when we share it together because together we are strong and together we can lift each other up and remind each other of the light and hope, the dreams and joy our hearts are longing for.

I’m here for you beautiful friend, you are not alone, and you are fearfully and wonderfully made, on purpose, with purpose and you are not broken.

Let’s walk this journey together and come home to YOU!

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